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RFID technology helps your retail customers locate and fulfill online orders more efficiently. It can help your healthcare clients track medications, patients, and equipment. RFID reduces manual inventory counts for supply chain businesses. If your customers aren't asking about the benefits of RFID over traditional barcoding technology yet? They will be.

RFID Solutions

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Hanheld and Hands-Free Readers

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Device-Agnostic RFID Sled

Pair any Bluetooth-enabled mobile computer, smartphone, laptop, or desktop and you're ready to read RFID tags.

Compact and lightweight, the RFD2000 sled delivery all day comfort and sleek styling for design-conscious stores.

TC20 Sled RFID Reader

Fixed Readers & Antennas

Zebra's RFID portfolio is the deepest and widest in the industry.


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Zebra RFID Overview

Contrary to popular belief, consumer devices won't save you or your customers money over the life of the device.

Kevin Thomas

Business Development Manager, BlueStar

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Hybrid handheld / hands-free scanners that offers barcode and RFID reading capabilities for reading RFID-tagged merchandise at the point of sale.

Accurate reads tags up to 60 feet away—200% farther than the nexts leading competitor. The MC3390R was built for semi-industrial environments.



The MC3330R offers the best-in-class, mid-range RFID read performance on an Android platform with a built-in keypad.

Mid-Range UHF RFID Reader

Long-Range UHF RFID Reader

Hybrid Barcode + RFID Imager



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Accurate and scalable RFID encoding

RFID Printer Encoders

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Desktop Printer

Mobile Printers

RFID-Enabled Card Printers

Industrial Printer

ZXP Series 7




Compact and easy-to-use for convenient, simple operation.

Built to withstand repeated drops, spills, and shocks.

High-performance with ground-breaking simplicity.

Zebra industrial printers run 24/7 in the harshest environments.

Fixed RFID Reader


Top of the line performance for high-volume rugged environments

Fixed RFID Reader


The small interior reader, big on speed and accuracy.

RFID Antenna

RFID Transition Reader



Ultra-rugged and low profile for use indoors and outdoors

Know what's entering and exiting your facility

Retail & Hospitality
Transportation & Logistics

Fast-adopting industries: