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As a Star VIP Program member, you will have access to the full SDK library, technical and marketing resources designed to help you develop your solution with the support of Star behind you.

Help Your Restaurant Customers Master Online Ordering

Mobile Restaurant / Hospitality Point of Sale Solutions


Star's VIP Partner Program offers developer partners access to:

Marketing Support
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A Global Channel Ecosystem
Certification and Training
Technical Resources

BlueStar is Star's top distribution partner and provides resellers with:

Purchasing and Supply Options
Drop Shipping Direct to End Users
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A single cable that provides your customers' iPads, Android / Windows tablets with reliable network access as well as device charging.

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Self-Serve Kiosk

Designed with the needs of software developers in mind, the StarPRNT SDK gives you all of the tools you need to integrate your software with Star’s line of printers and peripherals.

Stadium & Amusement Park
Restaurant & Kitchen

Star Micronics and BlueStar can help you identify and sell modern solutions for restaurant online ordering.

Quick Service

Star is able to offer a wide variety of point of sale hardware, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers.

Star's reliable, tried-and-true hardware is the perfect accompaniment for web applications for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, online ordering, and everything in between.


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Who We Are and Why You Should Buy Star printers 

You have options.

We believe that our team and our commitment to value-added distribution make us the very best one.

With Star CloudPRNT, order printing is no longer reliant upon a tablet. 

Your customers' printers will communicate with a web server directly—so if the tablet fails, orders still print. 

 offers intuitive print job queue management,it's simple to integrate, platform-independent, and compatible with top industry on-line ordering and scheduling applications.

Print Without A Tablet

Our Printing Portfolio



Online Order and Receipt Printing Guide

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SteadyLAN™ provides an ethernet connection to your tablet via the printer

Allows printing to / from a web browser or any application supporting URL scheme

Enables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP Requests

CloudPRNT™ communicates with online ordering via the cloud—no need for tablets.